2001 was the year zero, under the name Nekros, formed by Tanatos and Animus Atra in Sao Paulo - Brazil.

Without great pretensions of the mainstream, the goal was to play the Black Metal in its rawest form, with simple riffs and direct lyrics, influenced by bands such as Gorgoroth, Marduk and Sarcófago.

In 2003, after setting the line-up with Tanatos (vocals/guitar), Animus Atra (drums), Deimous Nefus (bass) and Anduscias (guitar), was recorded the first material, "... make this world burn".

Even after the good response from the public to the first demo, Tanatos leaves the band in 2004. In the same year, with a new line-up, Animus Atra (drums), Deimous Nefus (guitar), Necro Occult Lord (vocals) and Phlegethon (bass), the band recorded their second studio material, "The Age of Darkness."

After finishing presentations to promote this work, the band decided to get away for a while from the stage and studio. This hiatus lasted about 8 years, with the return announced in 2013.

In 2014 is announced the ultimate return with the re-recording of the demo "The Age of Darkness" and the release of a new album, with new songs, for the second half of this year.

Still Black ... Still Metal...

Creptum is alive!

Animus Atra (drums)
Tanatos (guitar/vocals)
Deimous Nefus (guitar)
T. Aversvs (bass)



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